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What We Deliver

The Caisson Company delivers efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality by default. Our concrete pole bases, stadium lighting, and signage foundations are poured onsite for the greatest stability and longevity, and our specialists are dedicated to their work. This means that not only do we take these tasks off of your plate, but also ensure a durable, long-lasting product that is finished with care for an added aesthetic benefit.

No matter what size the project is, large or small, we’ll always provide you with the necessary documentation that includes a written proposal, project requirement checklist, contract-required documents, and schedule. Shop drawings are provided upon request, though they may need to be reviewed by an engineer prior to installation on the project (if required).

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What The Caisson Company Provides:

  • Form materials, labor and supplies
  • Custom-fabricated rebar cages
  • Concrete equipment & materials
  • Custom bolt pattern layout*
    * from your survey
  • Form removal/finish labor
  • Drilling equipment & labor
  • Worker's compensation insurance
  • General liability insurance

Our Provided Services

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Pole Bases

Using our branded Sonotubes, decades of expertise, and vibrating finishing equipment, your pole bases will be plumb, smooth and free of honeycomb that could compromise the integrity of the concrete. We can even apply a protective or aesthetic finish to the cured concrete, if desired – ask our estimating team for pricing.

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Drilling Services

Utilizing our skid steer augers, the Caisson crew can expertly and efficiently dig your surveyed holes, even in areas in which typical truck-mounted drill rigs would not normally be able to access. Our skid loader drilling services include holes up to 36” diameter and 10” deep.

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When your project calls for protective, decorative, or sign-bearing bollards, our crew delivers the solution you need to meet your exact specifications, on time and within the proposed budget. We provide protective bollards for parking lots, roadways, barriers, signage, buildings and much more.

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Signage Foundations

We know that drilling deep foundations can be complicated. We provide turnkey services to get your foundations dug and poured so you don’t need to worry about scheduling or supplying cranes, concrete trucks or rebar cages. We’ll even take care of bolt installation, if needed.

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Stadium Lights

The Caisson Company installs concrete pier systems for Musco-style lighting to the exact specifications needed. Our team is extensively experienced working closely with Musco Sports Lighting Direct as well as countless schools, electrical contractors and general contractors; this experience allows us to make sure your lighting foundations are installed safely and correctly.

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Light Pole Base Stub Out Services

Let our crews install conduits and grounding to meet your specifications with our conduit stub out services. We will stub the conduit out of the base approximately 4-6” at the required depth with duct tape over the end of the pipe for your crews to connect to at a later date when you are ready to proceed with your site trenching.

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Complete Site Trenching Services

The Caisson Company is excited to offer an option which can make your job easier, reduce your risks, and speed up productivity by handling the dirt work for you. Depending on your needs, our trenching services provided can include:

  • Trenching only, then you install your conduits
  • Trenching and backfill after you install the conduits
  • All-inclusive trenching, conduit installation with pull string, and backfill service
  • All-inclusive trenching, conduit installation, backfill/compact, wire pull, pole assembly, and pole standing
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Light Pole Hoisting & Setting Services

We like to take our turnkey services a step further to include setting your assembled poles for you. We can provide just the lifting services or we can provide the manpower to set them on the bolts, leveled up and ready for your crews to wire them for power.

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Pole Base Repair, Replacement & Disposal Services

The specialists at The Caisson Company can repair light pole bases to your specifications or engineering. We can remove the damaged pole base and dispose of it at an approved offsite facility, then install a replacement pole base. We can also perform repairs for those pole bases that can be saved using our breakdown and cap process. When we’re done, your pole base will be as good as new.

We Handle Projects of All Sizes

We understand that the solution will be different for every project with a site-specific situation, so we look forward to talking with you to see how we can add value to your project team.

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