Serving Colorado Since 2004

About the caisson company

Our Origins

Started in 2001 and formally established in 2004 as a standalone company serving the Colorado Springs and Denver markets, The Caisson Company’s primary goal is to deliver consistency, quality and value. We do this by providing a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for GCs and electrical contractors to self-perform, saving them from dealing with renting equipment, buying materials, hiring multiple subcontractors, or building unproven concrete formwork.

Our principals believe that our company’s success can only be achieved through constantly striving to meet these goals and providing outstanding results on every project. Our dedication has greatly contributed to our large repeat customer base, for which we are always thankful.

Who We Are Today

The Caisson Company is a niche company providing products and services that are often forgotten about or begrudged by project contractors. While they may be able to self-perform these tasks, we add value by doing it better, faster and for less overall cost, thanks to our production-based installation methods and ability to bulk-purchase our supplies.

Working closely with private developers, large retail corporations, and government facilities, we install thousands of concrete light pole bases each year throughout the state of Colorado – and beyond, as requested by our valued clients. Our vast experience with every conceivable set of drilling conditions allows us to bring an unparalleled knowledge base to each project.

What Sets Us Apart

Many Companies say that their goals are to provide the best service and products in their industry, but The Caisson Company truly, verifiably embodies these aspirations.

Government Contracts

The Caisson Company is extensively experienced with handling government contracts. Properly bidding government work begins with asking the right questions to ensure we are covering the bid correctly with wage determinations, Buy American Act requirements, CORP Engineering precon meetings, and execution of the work per the requirements of all governing agencies typically involved. Stating what we will do, agreeing on a plan, and then doing it as defined is critical to success when working for the government. We have enjoyed many years of working on government projects and look forward to continuing these relationships in the future.

Same-day proposals

Light pole bases are our business; it is what we do every single day. Our estimating team takes pride in turning proposals around quickly so you can focus on other elements of the bid proposal you may be working on. We feel strongly about making an exceptional first impression, as it indicates what it will be like working with our company.

Branded Sonotubes

The Caisson Company is one of the only end-user buyers of Sonotube that has been allowed to have their name branded on the product. We buy our materials in large quantities and store them at our facility to ensure we have the necessary products onhand when they’re needed for your project. It has been our privilege to showcase our brand name and logo on Sonotube formwork the past 15 years and we hope you will notice them as you drive by during the installation process.

We Look Forward to

Working with You

Please visit our pricing page or contact us to request pricing for your projects. We can almost always provide same-day proposals for Light Pole Bases.

We look forward to working with you in the future, whether you are a first-time client or a firm we’ve worked with previously. When you allow us to impress you with our work, we will.

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