Pole Base Repairs

The Caisson Company can repair light pole bases to your specifications or engineering.  Typical repairs can consist of a total removal and replacement, which the electricians would need to dig down next to the light pole base to disconnect the conduits and pull back the wiring.  We can then pull the base from its current location and remove it from site to dispose of in an approved offsite facility.  Once the base has been removed, we would then clean out the hole or drill deeper if necessary and install the rebar cage and formwork for the Electrician to reinstall the conduits and wiring.  Most Removal and Replacements can be performed in the same day. An example is provided in the last 3 photos below.

Another option for repair would be to break down the existing damaged light pole base to 6” or so below asphalt or finished grade.  We would then drill and epoxy new rebar in the existing damaged base and install a new cap above grade with your supplied anchor bolts.  Electricians would need to be onsite to extend the conduits to the new height. An example is provided in the first four photos below.