Services Coming Soon

Services Coming Soon!

The Caisson Company is continually striving to be your one stop shop for Light Pole Bases, so we are excited to tell you about the future services we look forward to offering our clients.
We know that time is valuable and good qualified labor can be hard to come by when you need it most, but adding in the required equipment and site conditions to the equation can make it a daunting task to overcome on tight deadlines the industry we work in demands.  The Caisson Company sees the struggle every day and we have come up with the following solutions to try and help you overcome those challenges:

Light Pole Base Stub Out Services

Let The Caisson Company install conduits and grounding to meet your specifications with our stub out services.  We will stub the conduit out of the base approximately 4-6” at the required depth with duct tape over the end of the pipe for your crews to connect to at a later date when you are ready to proceed with your site trenching.

Complete Site Trenching Services

The Caisson Company is excited to offer an option which can make your job easier, reduce your risks, and hopefully speed up productivity by us handling the dirt work.  Service provided could include:

  1. Trenching only, then you install your conduits
  2. Trenching and Backfill after you install the conduits
  3. All-inclusive trenching, conduit installation and backfill service

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Light Pole Hoisting and Setting Services

The Caisson Company would like to take it another step further in our Turn-key services to set your assembled poles for you.  We can provide just the lifting services or we can provide the manpower to set them on the bolts leveled up and ready for your crews to wire them for power.

We understand that the solution will be different for everyone we work for and specific site situations, so we look forward to talking with you to see how we might be able to serve you better.