How It Works

What We Do

The primary focus of The Caisson Company is to install consistent quality products and to make your projects operate smoother.

It all starts with obtaining a price quote for your specific needs. In order for us to put pricing together, we would simply need to know the diameter of the foundation, depth below grade, height above grade, and the rebar detail. If need be we can provide non-engineered shop drawings for a budget price based on estimated sizes and rebar qualifications. The drawings would need to be reviewed by an engineer prior to installation for safety.

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After the proposal is signed and you are ready to start the work, we will process public utility locates 3 days prior to installation and verify materials with provided details. Any requirements for privately owned utilities to be located would be the responsibility of the property owner, general contractor, or electrical contracting party. When the locates have been completed we will mobilize your project with the necessary equipment and labor to fabricate rebar cages and drill the holes to the required depths. Cages will be placed in the holes to the approximate height of the light pole base and will be turned over to the electrical contractors for their trenching & conduit work to be completed with any necessary inspections.

The Caisson Company will return on the requested scheduled date or after inspections have been passed if required to finish the installation of the concrete light pole bases. Using our own in house concrete forming system, Caisson Company branded high quality Sonotube product, and skilled labor, we will form the foundation to the required elevation above grade ensuring a level and plum product for you to mount your fixture to. Our crews are trained to place concrete in a way which provides a smooth above grade concrete finish minimizing large air bubbles. Honeycombing and unsightly finishes requiring patch work are a thing of the past with our vibrating equipment and techniques. Special finishes can be applied or hand rubbed into the “green” concrete upon request and at an additional cost to give a life long finish. All of our light pole bases are installed with at uniform tooled 45 degree 1” chamfer to give the light pole bases that finished look the owner will desire.

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Finally and many times forgotten by other companies, we will remobilize a crew a few days after installation to allow the concrete to harden before removing the formwork and Sonotube product. By allowing the concrete to harden longer, we minimize the likely hood of having unsightly cut lines left behind in the concrete you see so often in others work. We look forward in working with you and your staff in the future and wish that you don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions or concerns that you may have.